Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Presidio Purse

Here I am, up-cycling again, which feels far more exiting than another year of my life passing. I'm always at it. There are few things in life that make me happier than taking something that's no longer used and making it in to something that will be used like crazy. I grew up with this trait and I believe I picked it up from my Grandmother. She had to be resourceful and frugal during WWII and never stopped.

This is it, Seamstress Erin's Presidio Purse, made from old jeans. Her pattern is released for sale today and it's fabulous! The bag its self will never fail you. You really will fit everything in it, including your kitchen sink. You can customise it to suit your own look, and her instructions make it really easy. Oooo! Erin's hosting a sew-along in January. That'll be fun and helpful too, especially for anyone who's not made something like this before. 

Being my usual, impatient self, I couldn't wait for the official release and convinced Erin to let me in as one of her test sewers.

 You can see how massive it is. I'm not kidding when I say you can fit everything in it. 

The released version now has more gathers in the inserts, or there's also a flat insert option.

There's a choice of two handle styles. Both are strong enough to take all of the weight you can throw at them.

I found some old Union Jack lining that seemed to fit in quite well and reminds me of Carnaby Street, during the London Swings era.

Erin's really thought about the details too. The pockets are perfect for holding all the important things in your life, with special places for pens and phone, as well as a larger pouch for money, kindle, keys...

You've probably spotted that I haven't quite got the hang of this blogging thing yet.  Despite sizing my photos all the same width before uploading them, they still insist on all coming out different widths when uploaded and published.


  1. Very professional! Bag and blog both.

  2. I really like that you used old jeans! The Union Jack Lining is so fun, and great pattern matching on that pocket!

  3. Love that you reused fabric. The lining is pretty fabulous, and I am also still figuring out photos. I just signed up fro a Craftsy class on the subject so hopefully I will improve.