Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Connifer Nursery

Back in the winter, I did a a spot of test sewing for the lovely Seamstress Erin Designs. I loved every minute of it, apart from a photo shoot on the most FREEZING of days. How on earth have I managed to keep my lips sealed for so long?

I don't wear skirts - ever. Well, hardly ever. The last time I wore one was in 2006, to a summer ball at Gleneagles. But... I seriously think this pattern may change that. I really do feel a skirt-wearing renaissance coming. It's sooooo stretchy, comfy and fast to make, especially the plain version. Cut out at lunchtime and be wearing it before tea time. Perfect! The instructions are some of the best I've ever seen. Even a total beginner could enjoy making these. I use the plural because there's just no way you'll be able to stop at just one. There are so many versions to choose from and the skirt is just so versatile.

I  made the plain one first, with only minor modifications. It’s designed with negative ease so I made a larger size. I really, really don’t want ‘spray-on’ clothes at my age. The test pattern only came with the wide, fold-over waistband, but it's quite bulky and I'd prefer the narrow one, so I'll convert it when I have a minute or two. The only other thing I did was to make it a wee bit shorter so that it's more of an ankle skimmer than a mud trailer.

The  wee 'secret' pocket is one of my favourite features.
The second version I made was the one with all the layers, but still slightly shortened. The layers are designed to be sewn in to the side seams but I thought I'd try leaving them loose and I think it works.

I love it that there's a skirt you can move about in and work comfortably.

I'm only 5'3" tall, so I think it proves that you don't have to be tall and skinny to wear a maxi skirt.

Oh, and I did add a tie-up waist on this one - only a teeny weeny modification.

Does anyone have recommendations for any more great indie skirt patterns? I'm addicted!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Flying Time

Goodness gracious me! Can it really be almost a year since I last blogged? Clearly I'm not a born blogger - I'm so much more at home with equations than I am with words. Well, here's where the last year's gone:

I've been quite the busy bee
Three months spent on a whistle-stop tour of the UK mainland.
Field upon field of poppies
Dumfries and Galloway
Making waves

Beer o'clock.

I bought a new loom, broke it, mended it and finished some weaving.

See how the wood has worn away in the centre

So Woolbothy

Nature's Gift Wrap

I started some more weaving, to make a Collette Albion

Inspired by Stirling Moss here
Lucky Heather.
British wool from the Hebrides - home of Harris Tweed
 I did a spot of knitting.

Shepherd's Lipstick
 ...and some spinning and knitting

A Jacob lamb called Molly

I've become obsessed with dyeing sock yarn.


Next time (only a week or two away) I'll show you some secret sewing.
Meanwhile, it's back to watching the puffins, nesting in the cliffs.